Star midfielder Ash Riddell answers questions from the North media team. 

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1.     What makes North Melbourne special?
The people.

2.     What is your advice to aspiring female footballers?
Take your opportunities, seek feedback and always be willing to learn. 

3.     My favourite thing about footy is …
Seeing your friends every day. 

4.     Do you have any pets?

5.     Favourite holiday destination?

6.     Favourite song/band?
Fleetwood Mac

7.     Best piece of advice you have ever received …
“Don’t listen to anything your father says” – Mum 

8.     Outside of footy I …
I’m studying to become a teacher. 

9.     My footy inspiration is and why …
Bella Eddy because she lifts heavy weights in the gym. 

10.  Who wins the 2021 North AFLW B & F?
Jas Garner 

11.  Most embarrassing footy moment was ...
When I ironed a hole on in my North Melbourne polo right before the season launch. 

12.  Most memorable North Melbourne moment …
The inaugural NM AFLW game in Hobart against Carlton. 

13.  Worst part of pre-season?
Chasing Hyph’s (Kate Gillespie-Jones') tail in conditioning. 

14.  Weirdest pre-game tradition/ritual?
Nothing I’m fairly relaxed. However, I like Dani Hardiman has to eat three jelly beans before she runs out. 

15.  Favourite post game treat …
Chocolate pudding. 

16.  What did you want to be when you were younger?

17.  Most influential person in your life?
Beth Lynch 

18.  Who is the funniest teammate?
Jenna Bruton

19.  How did you react when you were told you were going to play for an AFLW team?
Initially felt very shocked and overwhelmed. 

20.  My go to activity during COVID-19 lockdown was … 
Making cocktails. 

21.  What was the weirdest hobby you picked up during COVID-19 lockdown?

22.  Something no one knows about you …
I used to work as an Osteopath.