1.     What makes North Melbourne special?
Inclusive, welcoming and celebrates everyone for being true to themselves. 

2.     Describe North Melbourne in one sentence…
A great community, which embraces its staff and players no matter their diverse backgrounds. 

3.     What is your advice to aspiring female footballers?
Surround yourself with people that will tell you the things you don’t want to hear, but need to hear. 

4.     My favourite thing about footy is ...
WINNING! And celebrating the win with teammates after the game. 

5.     Do you have any pets?
Yes, Golden retriever Archie.

6.     Favourite holiday destination?
Somewhere warm and with a beach, or London or New York. 

7.     Favourite song/band?
Of Monsters and Men.

8.     Best piece of advice you have ever received:
Train hard, party harder.

9.     Outside of footy I:
Work full-time (at The Huddle, North's community arm).

10.  My favourite AFLW player and why:
Jess Duffin… enough said.

11.  My footy inspiration and why:
No one.

12.  Who wins the 2021 North AFLW B & F?
Jas Garner B2B.

13.  Most embarrassing footy moment:
Pants pulled down.

14.  Most memorable North Melbourne moment:
Winning our first final.

15.  Worst part of pre-season?
'Hyph' (Kate Gillespie-Jones) smashing me in the running.

16.  Favourite post game treat:
Choccy milk.

17.  What did you want to be when you were younger?
A cow girl… that didn’t work out too well.

18.  Most influential person in your life?
My parents.

19.  Who is the funniest teammate?

20.  How did you react when you were told you were going to play for an AFLW team?
I was pretty chilled on the outside, inside I was jumping for joy.

21.  My go to activity during COVID-19 lockdown was…
Games of Yahtzee.

22.  What was the weirdest hobby you picked up during COVID-19 lockdown?
I got right into gardening. 

23.  Something no one knows about you..
I enjoy cleaning.