What makes North Melbourne special? 
The great people and culture.

What is your advice to aspiring female footballers? 
Play for your love of the game, because that’s when you play your best football.

My favourite thing about footy is... 
The team environment and the connections you make, and the opportunities that the elite pathway can provide.

Do you have any pets? 
Murphy – six year-old Golden Retriever and Boston 18-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Favourite holiday destination? 
San Diego.

Outside of footy I enjoy...
Spending time with my dogs, friends and family – in that order.

My favourite AFLW player is and why? 
The dual male and female athletes – it takes plenty of hard work and dedication to be elite in more than one sport.

Who wins the 2021 North AFLW B & F? 
Jas Garner.

Most embarrassing footy moment is... 
Getting falconed and dacked all in the same game.

Most memorable North Melbourne moment? 
Round 1 2018, my first AFLW game and in my home town.

Worst part of pre-season?
Being away from my dogs!

Favourite post-game treat? 
Sushi and pizza (together).

Most influential person in your life?