Our Mob represents the proud Indigenous men and women of the North Melbourne Football Club, who are currently walking the footsteps paved by previous legends of the game.

Designed by local Yamatji Martu (Western Australia) woman, Emma Macneill, the jumper was inspired by North’s Indigenous players – Jy Simpkin, Jed Anderson, Tarryn Thomas, Kyron Hayden, and endorsed by Phoenix Spicer and Matt McGuinness.

The large kangaroo in the centre, standing strong, represents the men in the club’s playing group, the men in our lives and the men who have supported the club for many generations.

On either side of the boomer are our female Roos, our trailblazers; the women who are our pillars of courage and represent the progressive nature of our great club.

The joeys underneath represent the opportunities to succeed. These are our babies who continue to keep the love of the game alive and encourage our leaders to be strong and bold in their pathways.

The circle in the centre collectively represents our club; the people who have built it, the families that fill it, our players who represent it, our supporters that carry it.

Together we stand united with respect as we continue to wear the royal blue and white stripes that represent the club’s rich history.

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North Melbourne's SDNR indigenous jumper unveiled (May 18, 2021)

North's indigenous players unveil the Kangaroos' 2021 Sir Doug Nicholls Round jumper and what the design, and the round, means to them.

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