In celebration of Ramadan, AMSSA Youth Connect ran an Annual Ramadan Futsal Tournament at North Melbourne Recreational Centre. 

The tournament brought young men together from the local communities of North Melbourne, Flemington and Kensington every Friday and Saturday night, kicking off after prayer. 

In both junior and senior divisions participants competed in a friendly match of soccer over the four weeks, while others cheered them on from the sidelines. 

“This tournament is special because it only happens at Ramadan,” AMSSA Youth Connect Deputy Director Abdiqafar Ururshe said. 

AMSSA is a youth organisation aiming to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations through recreational activities, education sessions and religious studies. 

“The whole community coming together, the great spirit, the laughs, the goals, everything about the tournament has been on point,” participant Mohamed Yusuf said. 

“Everyone feels a sense of belonging and that’s due to the fact that we create a culture for this community, and it thrives,” Ururshe said.