A good culture is an imperative building block in the foundation of a football club. If the foundation is strong, the club can climb higher and higher to success. If it’s weak, it will crumble and fall.

North Melbourne draftee Jacob Edwards has had a small glimpse into the culture of North Melbourne since being drafted on Wednesday night, and he likes what he sees.

With the famous Shinboner Spirit acting as a guiding value for all those involved at the club, he says it’s great to see North valuing a strong culture as much as he does.

“Hearing about the Shinboner Spirit [in] my meetings with North, all these culture building activities I see North doing. It’s something amazing that I also take pretty seriously,” Edwards told North Media.

“Culture in a football club is something that should be taken pretty importantly. Seeing a club that looks like they have a good culture is something I want to be in.

“The North Melbourne Football Club all sound like absolute legends, and I can’t wait to meet the rest of the team.”

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Mid-Season Draft, 2021: Jacob Edwards interview

Jacob Edwards chats to North Media the day after he was drafted with the first selection.

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Edwards had been told by David Noble prior to the draft that the club was going to select him with the first pick, and hearing the news allowed some of the feelings to sink in before the official selection.

Surrounded by family when he heard the news, he says his experiences so far with Noble have been positive, and he can’t wait to play under him in the royal blue and white stripes.

“It was me, my mum and dad … we were sitting down and he (Noble) said I’ve been playing really well with Mentone and Dragons, and they’d announce me as pick one in the mid-season draft,” Edwards said.

“Once I heard that it all hit me at once, all these questions and thoughts just flew through my mind … it was obviously a great moment.

“David is a really good bloke, he’s really caring for me and it sounds like he cares for the whole team as well … I still can’t believe it now that I’m at this kind of stage.”

As a key-position player, Edwards will be working closely with the likes of Todd Goldstein, Tom Campbell and Tristan Xerri, under the guidance of Anthony Rocca.

He says having access to such a talented group of ruck/forwards already at the club will aid is own personal development in both positions.

“They’re talented players, but also Anthony Rocca is another great to learn off, a legend of the game. Having all these resources for me to develop as a player is amazing for me,” Edwards said.

“I’m very competitive and I’m always going to give my best in trainings and in games … if I ever get the opportunity to play in the AFL I’m going to take it, 100 per cent.”