There are three letters that can make the hair on the back on any footballer’s neck stand up given the wrong context. ACL.

After impressing with three games at the end of the 2020 season, Flynn Perez looked primed for a breakout 2021, before suffering a ruptured ACL in pre-season.

With another extended run of rehab in front of him, Perez has attacked his recovery with determination and vigour, with the young defender taking a huge step forward in recent times.

The AlterG treadmill enables users to walk or run with less gravitational pressure, allowing them to complete rehabilitation with less pain - and Perez recently completed his first run back on the machine.

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Flynn Perez's first run after surgery (June 17, 2021)

Flynn Perez runs for the first time after surgery.

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North GM Football Brady Rawlings says seeing Perez tick off the milestone is a positive for everyone involved at the club.

“When you’re in rehab for long periods of time the little goals you achieve are really important,” Rawlings told North Media.

“It’s good for our players to get behind him too when he hits those goals. We just want to see development each week.

“He’s making some real strides at the moment which is great to see. We’re aiming to get him really well prepared for next pre-season.”