A saltwater crocodile, a long-necked turtle, a green tree frog, snakes, lizards and stick insects were some of the creatures The Huddle Winter Holiday participants encountered in their school holidays.

Kicking off The Huddle’s Winter Huddle Holidays, Reptile Encounters brought the quirky creatures for 30 junior participants to learn about.

The session saw the students face some of their reservations about the unknown animals, with most of them building up the confidence to hold them. 

On Wednesday, 15 seniors embraced their inner Melbournian and participated in a barista course at The Huddle, providing endless coffees for staff. They learnt to perfect each type of coffee, as well as the varieties of beans and how to clean and utilise the coffee machines.

Thursday saw junior participants head down to Docklands for a ride on the Melbourne Star, followed by ice skating at the O’Brien Icehouse. The 46 young people persisted after each fall, getting back up and helping steady each other as they coasted around the rink. Four staff from North Melbourne put their hand up to volunteer, getting to know the young people while having fun themselves.