At altitude nothing is easy, especially time trials.

When the players were told they would be competing against each other in four 1.6 kilometre time trials around a dirt track near the United States Ski and Snowboard Association headquarters, very few looked forward to the challenge.

Designed to continue to build each player’s aerobic capacity, the time trials were as much a mental test as a physical one. The boys were told to keep their times as consistent as possible with the coaches particularly interested in the difference between their first and third runs. followed Ben Warren throughout the session with the medium forward pitted against some of the club’s best endurance runners.

Brayden Norris, Lachlan Hansen, Marcus White, Cameron Richardson and Ryan Bastinac were all among the top five best performers and Warren was hot on their heels.

Watch the RooTube video above for a special behind the scenes look at North Melbourne in Utah.