Inside midfielder Dom Tyson is working hard to get over the calf problem that has plagued him for much of the season.

Tyson says he was too impatient in trying to come back from his last calf strain, resulting in a more serious injury, but has learnt his lesson.

“It’s a balance between pushing to get back quickly but also respecting the injury,” Tyson told North Media.

“I just wanted to get out and play, but my calf wasn’t agreeing with me.”

According to Tyson, his injury rehab plan is the key to putting persisting calf problems behind him.

“I’ve been building up strength through my feet, ankles and quads,” he said.

“Hopefully I’m over the hill and don’t have any more niggles. It’s been a really good recovery.”

Tyson believes he should be cleared to play after the bye.

“There’s no doubt I’ll come back through the VFL, obviously I have to get myself feeling sharp,” he said.

“Hopefully I’ll finish the season full of legs and be knocking the door down for senior selection.”

Despite only coming to the club at the start of this season, Tyson has praised Jack Ziebell’s influence ahead of his 200th game.

“He has a huge impact on the group both by the way he plays and how he carries himself from Monday to Friday,” Tyson said.

“The respect for him amongst the playing group is huge.”